If you think well, you cook well...


1 medium size chicken
2 potatoes slice long
2 big onions slice thick
6/7 tbsp olive oil butter or ordinary butter
4/7 tbsp dark soya sauce
2/3 tbsp oyster sauce
2/3 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tbsp honey
1/2 lemon

1)Clean chicken,slash and rub with some salt and pepper
2)In a bowl mixed together all the sauces,honey,lemon and blend well .
3)Take 1/4 of the mixture and place in another bowl and add half cup water.
4)Rub 3/4 of the mixture to the chicken
5)Last rub better and marinate for an hour
6)In a baking tray place the chicken and add the slice potatoes and onions
7)Bake at 160*C for 60 minutes adding the 1/4 mixture a little at a time.


Cream Puff

250 ml water
1/2 tsp sugar
135 gm flour
100 gm butter
3 eggs

1)Boil water,butter and salt in a pan.Stir till boiling.
2)Sieve flour and salt,add to boiled mixture and stir well over low heat until mixture leaves the side of pan.
3)Remove mixture from heat,let it cool in room temp.
4)Add in beaten eggs gradually beating well between each addition.
6)Fill piping bag with pastry.
7)Pipe desired shapes onto a lightly grease tray.
8)Bake at 210*C for 20 minutes

Cream filling
4/5 tbsp custard powder
55 gm sugar
Vanilla essence
50 ml water
170 ml UHT milk
1 egg yolk

1)Boil milk and sugar together.
2)Pour into custard powder mixed with little milk,stir.
3)Pour mixture back into pan and bring it to a boil.
4)Remove from heat,add in vanilla and egg yolk.Cool