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Yesterday's Menu

Finally I had a chance to try on Sambal Goreng Paru posted by Kasih. It’s really tasty even though it didn’t look the same physically. Every person has different style of cooking, right? The appearance doesn’t matter as long as it’s SODAP (that’s what Kasih said..hehehe).. Kasih…thank you very much for sharing the recipe with me.. I tell you…it’s really delicious.

Paru..boiled to 3/4 cooked, diced and fried.

Red chillies, onions, garlics and lemon grass... sliced to small pieces and fried

Dried chillies, cashew nuts and belacan..blended together

Here's the result... SAMBAL GORENG PARU

SAMBAL GORENG PARU...Kasih's version

Yesterday we had sambal goreng paru with this sup sayur campur and plain rice. It's so yummy!!!



Kasih said...

Tirana...for sambal goreng paru as shown in the picrure, You kena taruk bahan additional seperti tahu, tempe dan kancang panjang. Baru sama dg kat picture tu.

Tirana said...

Kenapa you tak cakap dalam resepi tu.. I ikut betul-betul resepi yang you bagi tu.. anyway it tasted good..alhamdulillah..