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Quorma Mix

Last week, I went to the supermarket at Hartamas Shopping Center (HSC) to do my weekly shopping. I walked around to find some stuff that I needed. Suddenly my eyes caught on the Indian spices. The two brands of Indian spices that I mentioned in my previous post were there on the shelf at one corner of the supermarket. What a surprise!!! They had never been there before. I'm quite happy. After this, I don't have to travel miles to get those spices. The supermarket is just in front of my condo. Furthermore there is one brand that I've never tried before. It's 'National' brand. For a start I picked up a kind of spice called 'Quorma' (national brand). So yesterday, I tried this quorma mix. I followed step by step the instruction written on the box. The results turned to be great and yummy. Next time, I would like to modify the recipe a little bit to make it even tastier. Here is the recipe.


500gm meat - slice to small pieces
1 0nion
1 cup yogurt
5 table spoon Quorma mix
Cooking oil


1. Cut onion then fry it until the color turn brown. Put aside.
2. Heat a bit of cooking oil then fry the meat until it slightly brown.
3. Mix together yogurt and Quorma mix. Then pour the mixture to the meat.
4. Add a little bit of water and let them boil.
5. When the gravy is slight thick, add the fried onion. Stir well and turn off the fire.
6. It's ready to be eaten with "Roti Naan". (but I ate it with the rice)

Warning: It's a bit hot and spicy!!!!


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