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The Story of the Sauces...

First Story...

About a month ago, my nephew from Penang sent a kind of sauce by “Post Express”. He required me to taste his homemade “kuah sotong kangkung”. Believe it or not, he did prepare the sauce himself. My lovely nephew, whom I ever mentioned in my previous story, loves cooking as much as I do. Through the phone, he listed up the ingredients needed and gave me the instruction on how to prepare “Sotong Kangkung”.


Sotong Kembang
Tauhu (optional)
Special sauce


1. Sotong kembang is thoroughly cleaned and then boil for 10 minutes. After that cut it into small pieces.
2. Kangkung is also cleaned, cut and then boil for a short while only (let say for 1 minute)
3. Season the cleaned tauhu with salt and then fry until they are slightly brown. Cut them into small cubes.
4. Roast the peanut and then grind them.
5. In a large bowl, put in sotong kembang, kangkung and tauhu. Pour the special sauce and mix them well. Lastly add in the grounded peanut and mix again. Sotong kangkung is ready to eat.

It sounds so simple and yummy. Indeed it is easy with a ready-made sauce (lol). So one fine day, I made a trip to the market to find all the ingredients. To make the process a little bit easier, I bought the ready-roasted grounded peanut (don’t think I’m lazy, okay. I just wanted to save my energy and my time in the kitchen…hehehehe). Having all these ingredients, I quickly prepared the yummy sotong kangkung. Wow..sedapnya!!!! Since I couldn’t give 10 out of 10, I gave him 9 on 10. (Ok la tu..mana boleh dapat markah penuh..hehehehe). For those who are interested in this special sauce, just make an order through his email address (roslanabdrahim@yahoo.com).

Second Story...

Here is another story of another sauce. My hubby introduced this sauce to me during our vacation in Melbourne at the end of last year. On our arrival (my kids and I) that night, he cooked a delicious “ayam panggang” for our dinner. The taste of this roasted chicken reminded me of Nando’s Restaurant. He showed me the sauce that he used to marinade the chicken. Here it is…”peri-peri marinade”.

This sauce is available in normal supermarket in Melbourne but not here in Malaysia. If you are interested in this sauce, maybe you can buy it from Nando’s (slightly expensive) or get someone from Melbourne to post it to you…hehehehe.. or just go to Nando’s and have a dinner with your family with a special order on “ayam panggang peri-peri” over there. It’s really delicious!!!!!


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