Indian Spices...

This is not a promotion or an advertisement (lol). I just wanted to share the variety of Indian spices which I have been using in some of my recipes.

Tandoori Mix

Garam Masalla

Kurma Masalla

Beriani Mix

There are lots more Indian spices but the above are the one that I have been using quite frequently. Check these two sites to find out more about Indian spices and dishes :
Spices of India


Tyha said...

Kak...kalau beli biasa kat mana? Ke order online?

Tirana said...

Tyha, kak tirana biasanya beli kat pasar taman tun. Atas pasar tu ada gerai mamak. Rempah2 macam ni selalu dan biasanya ada jual kat kedai mamak aje. Kat supermarket kak tirana tak pernah nampak la pulak..